Can My Child “Catch” My Anxiety?

Laughter is often contagious. Big, genuine smiles are contagious. Crying can be contagious. Short-term fear, or anxiety, is contagious. If there’s a thunderstorm, and you’re a nervous wreck, guess what your young children will be? A nervous wreck! And probably worse off than you. If you remain calm and reassuring, your children will be calmer … Continue reading Can My Child “Catch” My Anxiety?

Volcanic Eruptions

Boiling just below the rocky surface flows hot, molten lava. Even the rocky surface is rough and hard... barren. But, if you get very far from the volcanic heat, you find the most beautiful vegetation, spawned by the highly fertile volcanic ash. My daughter (DMDD, SPD, OCD, ADGs, mild Autism, Intermittent Explosive Disorder, Bipolar, and … Continue reading Volcanic Eruptions