I believe that we can all be “healthy-minded” as we strive for better mental health. This blog is about my journey as the mom of a child with mental health struggles, and about my journey as a mom dealing with my own mental health diagnoses as well. I’m here to help you and take you on a walk through mental illness, while showing you that we are all strong enough to make it through it all.

Please enjoy my musings, learn from my ramblings, share in my laughter, and feel my tears. It’s all here for your benefit… and also for mine. They say that writing is healing, and I’ve found it to be so.

I’ve been away a while, but I’m back to blog again. I need this. I want to encourage you to journal about your days, your thoughts, your musings as well. It helps. It’s healing. It has a power all of its own.

So as I put pen to paper… or fingers to keyboard… I hope you enjoy what you see and get what you need. I will. Take note that if you need anything or anyone, I’m here too. You can reach me on my Facebook Page, Your Inkwell, where we help others to write their stories and musings. And remember, you are stronger than you think you are, and through Christ, you are stronger than you could ever be alone. You can make it through it all.

God Bless,

Nishoni Harvey