Sisters! –Ugh!

by Nishoni Harvey

upset sistersAnytime her sisters get on her nerves, my seven-year-old will say, “Sisters! –Ugh!” I find it so comical! In reality, she looks up to her sisters. She does what they do, says what they say, claims to see what they see and smell what they smell even if she’d already started to say she’d seen or smelled something different. She even claims her food tastes like their’s tastes!

Hannah has begun to shake the “germs” off her again, shaking her whole body anytime anyone coughs, touches her, blows in her general direction, or anything of the sort. She’s done so well for such a long time, and now we’re back to this again! Well, now Bekka has begun to copy her bigger sister, shaking anytime anyone sneezes, coughs, or blows their nose. I threatened to give Bekka, my seven-year-old, a consequence if she does it again, and Bekka seems to have stopped… for now. I don’t want it to become a habit for her like it is for Hannah… if it is indeed a habit for Hannah. With her, it may be her mental illness. I have a tendency to believe it is.

young-female-receptionist-holding-tablet-computer-hospital-young-female-receptionist-holding-tablet-computer-hospital-109286769We have a Behavioral Analyst coming out to the house for Hannah now! We’ve been trying to get one in for a while. She’s basically a therapist that comes to the house instead of us going into an office. I’m hoping this will help Hannah to overcome some of her behaviors and sensitivities, including the shaking.

As an added benefit, this may eliminate the need for a Psychologist completely! What a blessing that would be to eliminate a doctor appointment once every three weeks! I’m sure those of you with children with mental illnesses or other disabilities or those with illnesses of your own can sympathize. Between Hannah’s psychologist and my therapist, our psychiatrists, and her occupational therapist and such, and then our Neurologists, Urologists, and my GI besides, we seem to have doctor appointments almost every day of the week on many weeks! And then there are dentists, physicals, eye appointments, and whatever other normal, run of the mill appointments that come with three other children, a second adult, and a pooch. It gets pretty crazy around here!black-and-white-portrait-of-two-sisters-by-Piper-Anne-Photography

My twelve-year-old started the “Sisters! –Ugh!” thing and Bekka has just followed in her steps. My youngest looks up to her sisters in such a way that it’s scary! They do right, she does right, but they do wrong… My five-year-old has started hitting and being mean to the dog… just like Hannah and Sierra can get mean to each other, which is usually Hannah-led as she is thrown into one of her fits.

Who do you have looking up to you… even in secret? Think about it! Your kiddos… obviously… if you’re blessed with them. The teens in your life? Your kids’ friends? Those adults around you? I know that may seem weird, but the Bible says that we rub off on those we spend time with. There is an Assyrian Proverb Quote that says, ““Tell me your friends, and I’ll tell you who you are.” Be careful who you are because those around will become like you. Be careful who you are around because those around you, you will become.

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